The Gastronauts Academy

Dynamic culinary expert Danny Boome’s Gastronauts Academy is the best way to expand your brand’s notoriety through exciting hands-on experiences. The Gastronauts Academy creates specially curated classes and events tailored around your brand and ensures that your products, recipes, and trends are delivered to consumers in a fun, informative, and experiential way.

Founded in 2010 as a pop-up cooking school, Danny’s appreciation for food, drink and culinary education forged the cornerstone of his curriculum. Specialized course work, culinary adventure, and exposure to your brands breakthrough products will expand your consumer outreach while honing in on the joy and fulfillment of using your products. From individualized tasting sessions to product and recipe education in a class-type setting taught by a team of experts, the possibilities are endless with the Gastronauts Academy.

With Danny’s contagious upbeat personality, his decades of experience in the professional culinary world, and his unprecedented knowledge and expertise, the Gastronauts Academy is sure to display your brand in the most unique, entertaining, and effective way possible.