Better Fed Project

Climate change and an ever-growing population continually challenges our time-honored methods of global food production; paired with a widening gap in income equality, the health of future generations depends on hard work and forward thinking from culinary experts…enter the Better FED Project, with mission to Feed, Educate and Develop the world, one community at a time.

Their ceaseless efforts have made a positive impact for the lives of many, and the Better FED Project continues to explore opportunities that will improve the dietary health of future generations and communities.  

Founded in 2010, Danny and Meagan Boome endeavored to spread their appreciation for healthy, sustainable nutrition by partnering with non-profits and government organizations to spearhead a wide range of projects. The Better FED Project has:

  • Supported the integration of healthy food options into low-income areas
  • Developed dietary health venues for prenatal and postnatal families;
  • Assisted farmers through supportive legislation; and
  • Established healthful dietary programs for schools and national nonprofits.