About Crash Bang Boome Productions

Crash Bang Boome Productions is a global, multi-platform consultancy that crafts identity and creative content for new and well-established culinary, kitchen and lifestyle brands.

Working hand in hand with your existing PR, Marketing and Advertising teams, CBB offers a variety of tailored services that will help your brand adapt to the latest media, food & drink, and lifestyle trends. We specialize in product integration and the new, rapidly growing space of live stream sales events.

Whether you’re in need of live streaming and pre-recorded production, social media consultation, ROI online marketing, or sourcing experienced professional talent, Crash Bang Boome Productions will give you more Boome for your buck.

Our Services Include:

  • Content Producing from Ideation to Aggregation
  • Scripting & Copywriting
  • Sourcing Talent for On Camera Hosting & Live Demonstration
  • Livestreaming Events on Amazon Live, Instagram/IGTV, Facebook Live & YouTube Live
  • Embeddable Video Players for live & Prerecorded Content
  • Production, Editing & Motion Graphics
  • SEO & Social Analytics Boosting
  • Video Aggregation to Appropriate Video Sites
  • Re-edits of Content for Seasonal Sales