Recipe: True Brew Lemonade

True Brew Lemonade
Serves 4

2 large lemons
12oz honey
15oz San Pellegrino Limonata
2 cups of ice



  • Using the Delonghi Dinamica machine, Select the strength of coffee to strong.
  • Place 3 large ice cubes into your desired glass,  generously pour a tablespoon of honey over the ice cubes and top ice with a lemon slice.
  • Place a glass under the pour dispenser. Adjust the pour dispenser if necessary. Then press the True Brew automated button and allow coffee, that is at a perfect “pour over” temperature, to pour over the ice, honey, and lemon.
  • Add more ice to desired consistency, followed by 2 extra lemon slices, let the coffee sit for one minute, allowing the lemon oils to infuse with the coffee.
  • Top with Limonata and stir together.
  • Garnish with a basil leaf for a fresh twist for your True Brew drink!

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